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Flood of a Different Kind

In a region consisting of many islands, with much of the population being of another religion, it is not easy to share the gospel. Recently, thunder and heavy rains affected two islands in the area. One of the islands is approximately 20% Christian, with many tribes and ethnic groups, and is open to the gospel. The other island is very difficult to reach with the gospel. To approach the local people there, Christians have done various things, including schools and clinics, trying to show the love of Christ and to help people.

With the heavy rains impacting these two islands, there was severe flooding and many problems with landslides. But in this special moment, some GCPN leaders were ready to bring a different kind of flooding to the islands – an outpouring of compassion and help. They got involved directly in the area, distributing meals and providing food packets. They sent teams from the church and Bible schools, including a medical team with doctors, and counselors for the victims. Only the believers provided help in these ways.

Please pray that a spiritual flood of God’s mercy and grace will come to these islands as people become familiar with what the believers have done to help. And pray that, as those who have suffered from these catastrophic events are touched with goodness, somehow they will open their hearts and that it will become easier to plant churches later.

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