Global Church Planting Network

Accelerating Church Planting Globally


Nations by Region: 

The complexities of the geo-political world can be viewed through many grids. GCPN attempts in 15 regions and several sub-regions to form resource teams to serve leaders in each country towards national initiatives and partnerships.

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For a listing of countries in each region and strategic information on comparative church planting needs, please click here.

Contact a Regional Facilitator: to connect with a regional leader, please contact one of the following continental cluster coordinators:

Africa: here
Arab World: here
Central Asia: here
Asia: here
Europe and Russia: here
Latin America: here
Brazil: here
Western World: here

Regional Teams work in five focus areas:

Prayer mobilization for workers and the harvest

Strategic Information for wise and practical decision making to reach the least reached.

Teams which work together well on agreed objectives (see SMART objectives, below)

Training for church planters and mission leaders in best practices and strategies

Church Planting to reach the lost.

For more detail, please click here.

SMART Objectives make each of the above focus areas:


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Church Planting Needs and Ability by Region:

Regions vary significantly in the number of new churches needed and in the number of evangelicals available to initiate the formation of new disciple-making communities. For an overview of comparisons of GCPN regions which may aid with perspective on the sending and receiving of workers for the harvest, please consider the following diagram:

Please click on the chart above to download jpg or click here for PPT slide.

For a more detailed breakdown by country, please click for PDF.

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