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Accelerating Church Planting Globally

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  • Strategic

    Where to plant? Good decisions are aided by strategic information.

  • Africa

    Why all the effort? That all the earth be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the LORD.

  • Resources

    Can we help you find what you need? Links, tools, downloads...

  • Regions

    How can we embrace all the world? 15 regional teams serve national leaders in every country.

  • Vision

    What are you all about? The big picture – vision, mission and FAQs…

  • National Initiatives

    How can leaders plant churches to touch a whole city or nation? We can help train you.

  • N. African Arabs

    Is the Gospel of grace and freedom in Christ for all? Without exception. Joy to the World!

  • Praying

    What is our source of power and wisdom? Tools and motivation to persevere in fervent prayer.

  • Partners

    Overwhelmed? Partners go further. We help train partners for big tasks.

To view an introductory video (mp4) to the ministry of GCPN, please click here.

Our Wed July 21 (14:00 UK time) GCPN webinar will be a conversation with Murray Moerman, author of Mobilizing Movements, about why “top down” whole nation strategies and “bottom up” disciple-making strategies need one another to complete the Great Commission and what comes afterwards. 

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Our heart
is to reflect a "Barnabas" spirit of encouragement, serving those who serve.

The network is young but growing and we trust this small beginning may already provide some encouragement and resource to your obedience to the Great Commission of our Lord Jesus ...

"... the churches were strengthened in their faith and grew daily in number." (Acts 16:5)

Stories & Highlights*

Sown Seeds are Sprouting

Beautiful Feet on Motorbike Pegs

Geovana and the Gospel

Revival Starts with Prayer via Phone-App

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COVID-19 relief funds flowing!  Many generous gifts have been received through GCPN and sent on to our network leaders around the world.  Here are a series of letters with stories from their communities... [1st letter]  [2nd letter] [3rd letter] [4th letter] [5th letter]. And here is another recent story written for a Facebook post.

The Mobilization Challenge:  Are we planting disciple-making communities in the places where they are most needed to reach the world for Christ? Watch this impactful video prepared by Chris Maynard and Becky Lewis for Urbana 2019.

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