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Beautiful Feet on Motorbike PegsMountains

How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of those who bring good news... (from Isaiah 52:7, NIV)

A church-planting team was searching for a man of peace with whom they could share the word of God. While riding a motorcycle in a village, they passed a home. But then they saw that a man was standing there in front of his door. They turned their motorcycle around and went back to that house. The team leader spoke to the man, “It is a hot day. Can we just stop at your hut for a while?” The man welcomed the team, and after a short conversation, they started telling Bible stories to the man.

The next day, the team returned to share other Bible stories. On that day, the man confided to these ministry workers, “Before you appeared, I prayed to the Lord, that there would be people who would share a story about God with me. My religious leaders have come many times, but they never told me these stories. When I heard motorcycles pass my house, my heart said, ‘this is the people who will tell the story about the true God.’

In less than a week, the man gave himself to Jesus and was baptized!

Please continue to pray for church-planting teams to find people who are hungry for God. And pray there will be more people who are seeking the true God.

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