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MNM Training in Ecuadorian Amazon

Efrein ChiviaEfrein Chivia is a church planter trained by Multiplication Network Ministries (MNM) in the San José area of the Ecuadorian Amazon. Since he was young, he has felt a calling and desire to serve God. Efrein wants to be able to share the Word of God with people in his village because many of them are lost in alcoholism, violence, and witchcraft.

“I thank God because all this time it has been Him who has guided me to be able to continue in His mission. This work has been growing and I realize that God has been working in my life and in my family,” he says gratefully.

For Efrein, church planting has been an opportunity for God to change this community. Before, there were no churches here; but that is changing and now the people have access to a local community of faith.

“These trainings that we have had have helped us a lot in how we are able to enter into the village to plant the church.” Efrein adds, “We need to be able to keep training so we can continue in this work that God has given us.”

One of the vital points for Efrein has been the support of his local church that has motivated them to accept the challenge of establishing new communities of faith. The church has supported him with prayer and commissioned him and his team, continually training them in leadership so that they can keep growing.

God has touched the people and we see those who have been changed. We have seen witches who now believe in Jesus Christ. This encourages us and we know God wants us to keep going to them. I feel God desires to do much more,” says Efrein. His hope is to continue planting more churches in other communities where they still have not heard of God. Now that he is equipped with the tools and resources he needs to plant churches through MNM, Efrein can continue the spread of the gospel in Ecuador.

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