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AlbaBefore Alba Urbina had a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, she was full of anger. Growing up, her home life was not stable and the absence of her father made her feel abandoned, fearful, and insecure. She developed severe health issues and she resented God for all of it. In school, Alba would mock her Christian classmates - until one day a friend invited her to church. Alba eventually said yes to get her friend to stop bothering her with the invitation.

“However, God used that opportunity to deal with me and I ended up accepting the Lord as my Savior,” Alba shares. My life changed dramatically—God filled every void in my life. He is my Father and now I understand He was always with me and is still with me. That motivates me to move forward.”

Alba now has joy in her heart that spills out of her to others. “My major challenge is to share this message clearly. Multiplication Network Ministries, through the trainings, has led me to take on new challenges: to listen, to understand, and to develop in myself empathy for the needs of others.”

Alba is part of the digital missionary movement that has sprung up during the pandemic to continue reaching people even though in-person meetings are limited. Children, adolescents, and adults are part of the digital community Alba leads. She was encouraged when one of them testified, “Many people are turning away from me. They reject me because I am looking for God but the truth is, that doesn’t matter to me. Jesus came and is transforming my life. I am grateful.”

Alba says with assurance, “Being a digital missionary has given me purpose because I am sure that God’s plan for my life is to preach the Good News.”

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