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In a village described as “a deserted land,” the people were extremely poor and under the bondage of the devil. The main crop only provided enough to feed the people for three months. Many of the children lacked a good education, while many of the adult men worked as thieves!

Church planters arrived in this village in 2008. At that time, over 90% of the population were animists. There was one traditional church, but it was not growing.

After several years of sharing the gospel and discipling the people, things started to change. More people came to know Christ. The economy also improved, with the main crops flourishing, and the people were able to save some of their crops to sell. Not only were the crops thriving – people began flourishing, too. The children got better grades in school. Some started to attend a university, and some even went to Bible school. Men quit their “jobs” as thieves and began to work as farmers. After a couple of years, roads were built by the government. Now there are multiple church organizations working in the village. The number of animists has decreased to below 50%. Most of those are the older generation.

Recently, a revival service was held for the young people. About 300 attended, including those who still call themselves animists. Many of them accepted Jesus that night! Please pray for others who are in animist areas to come to know Jesus.

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