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Transformation in Two Villages

Jesus answered, “It is written: ‘Worship the Lord your God and serve him only.’” (Luke 4:8, NIV)

Fig BranchThere was a man, born and raised in a village, who worshipped a fig tree in that place. He also believed that if someone tried to climb that tree, he would die. One day, a pastor went to that small town and climbed the tree to pluck some figs from it. He ate from the tree and gave some figs to others. The man who worshiped the tree was amazed and thought that the pastor would die in a few days due to God’s wrath dwelling in the tree. But days passed, and still the pastor was healthy, without any sign of illness. The man met with the pastor and asked him about the power which did not kill him. The pastor shared the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. The man, his family, and many of the villagers accepted the Lord, and today a church is present!

In another place in the same country, inhabitants of a small village depend on farming and other labor to earn their livelihoods. Some work in factories that are near to the community. The villagers are very rigid adherents to a religion, and they worship a particular goddess, who is said to be the protector of their village. Most of these villagers, both youth and adults, are addicted to alcohol. Here, Christians (including pastors) face persecution and may even be excommunicated from the town. However, one of the pastors started doing prayer walks and began sharing the good news even after much persecution. The Lord answered prayers and consequently, many have come to Christ! These new believers are not living openly as Christians due to the threat of excommunication from the village. A house church was started there in December 2021, but it closed due to severe opposition from the villagers. How then can people in this area hear the gospel or grow in their faith? They are using a phone as a medium – they make a phone call and hear the message or the gospel through phones! Please pray for the transformation of this village and that those who are the persecutors would soon come to the saving knowledge of Jesus.

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