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From Cursing to Blessing

(The Story of YASIM “You Are Special International Ministry” – Tinago Village, Philippines)

What could be the heart of a person toward a people and a place where he experienced violence, poverty and ultimately a questionable demise of his loved one? Nothing but hatred and resentment. But God can reverse the heart, from hate to being compassionate and from cursing to blessing.

When his father died in an outrage, Noah (not his real name) became resentful and hated Tinago and the people there whom he blamed for the tragedy. He decided to leave the place to forget the nightmare. But God saved him and changed his heart toward the people in that place! Then with the help of some caring Christian friends, he initiated an outreach ministry in the area.

The NCCCCI (National Council of Christian Community Churches Inc.) and You Are Special Foundation 111, Inc.,  (headed by Rev. Judah Jim Cantoria) conducted a Medical and Dental missions at Pilar, Sorsogon, Philippines, and the residents of Tinago were catered to. After that, an outreach team from YASIM - Pilar went to the place and conducted Bible Studies using the T4T materials. The community was receptive to the Gospel and right then a worship fellowship was established! Men, women, youth and children flocked at the house of Noah!

With such positive response, and with financial assistance from YASIM-Main and NCCCC, a semi-concrete fellowship center was built at the backyard of Noah’s house. The ministry flourished even more when Crossover Sports Ministry was introduced among the young people! Basketball teams were formed and discipled by a coach from the mother church, YASIM-Pilar. In partnership with other ministries like Samaritan’s Purse and Rice for Soul, more people were evangelized. A team was created to start an outreach in Oras, a nearby village.

What seemed to be going well was interrupted by a severe persecution from the Roman Catholic leaders. The youth and children were being harassed and made to believe that attending fellowship of another religion would lead them to hell. Of course not everyone believed the lie from the pit of hell, but a major shift in the atmosphere was experienced.

To date the ministry in Tinago village persistently continues. A number of adults, youth and children faithfully attend.


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