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The papers were “waving” at him

As we near the end of a tumultuous year when the world has been so affected by the coronavirus pandemic, we are reminded that God’s power and creativity to reach people is not quarantined, isolated, or under any “stay at home” order. His Spirit is still working and active, even when we are not aware of what he is using to accomplish God’s purposes.

Members of the Global Church Planting Network facilitate rapidly multiplying house fellowships. In some parts of the world, house fellowships have birthed new house fellowships down to more than 20 generations in just a few years. Field leaders track this growth through ministry report charts. A field leader who is at high risk for COVID-19 is limiting his travel at this time. He asked another person, “DD,” to pick up some ministry report charts from a leader in his area and send them to him, but DD delayed in sending the charts. When the field leader asked for them again, DD still delayed.

Eventually, the field leader found out that DD was afraid of the papers! He told the field leader that the stack of papers would often “wave at him” like they were blown by wind, but there was no wind. He moved the papers to other places in his home, but the papers continued to “wave.” He was terrified. One day he decided he needed to get those reports out of his possession as quickly as possible. Embarrassed and fearful, DD took the papers to the field leader and asked, “What power or spirit is in these papers?” DD told the field leader that the papers “waved” no matter where in the house he placed them. He asked the field leader what the symbols in the reports meant, such as, “How do you get a star by your initials?” The field leader explained that those with a “star” by their initials were people who put their faith in Jesus as Saviour and were baptized. DD and the field leader continued their discussions, and DD recently received Jesus as Saviour and is being mentored by a group leader.

“The wind blows wherever it pleases. You hear its sound, but you cannot tell where it comes from or where it is going. So it is with everyone born of the Spirit.” (John 3:8, NIV)


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