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COVID-19 Relief Funds and Gospel Breakthroughs

COVID-19 relief funds received and distributed through GCPN continue to have an impact around the world. In one region of Africa, at least 300 families in seven rural villages have been reached through a “food evangelism outreach.” The total number of persons within these 300 households were 2,626 people which includes husbands, wives, widows, and children. Through the outreach, there were also gospel breakthroughs among two unreached tribes!

Access to one of these unreached tribes through the food evangelism outreach led to the salvation of the imam of the largest mosque in that area. Not only did he and his family benefit, but now he is the “man of peace” among his tribe and is being exposed to Discovery Bible Studies. Another beneficiary of the food outreach was a man and his wife. The wife had a history of six miscarriages, usually happening when her pregnancy was between the fifth and sixth month. Believers prayed with this man and wife, and now they have a “bouncing baby boy!” In addition, they are now followers of Jesus! 

From the second unreached tribe, which is 99% Muslim, 50 families benefitted through the food outreach. There is an ongoing Discovery Bible Study movement among 100 women from this tribe. The women were also empowered to make soap and cream which is sold at their local markets. Please pray with us that these women will discover the true person of Jesus the Messiah and commit their lives to following Him as their Lord and Savior.

One man from this tribe was unable to walk for 9 years, but during the course of the food outreach and engagement with him, he was healed and gave his life to Jesus. His brother also surrendered to Jesus! We trust God to do much more as the Discovery Bible Study groups evolve into obedient disciples and lead to indigenous church planting movements. This tribe has the potential for a movement to Christ, and we invite you to stand in the gap that this would happen, to the glory of our King.

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