Global Church Planting Network

Accelerating Church Planting Globally

Introducing GCPN Strategy Team Leaders

Assisting GCPN to increase effectiveness in accelerating church planting globally are:


Cluster Level:

Regional Level:


Asia Cluster facilitator is Irwan Widjaja - to contact click here.

South-East Asia - Judah Cantoria leads this regional team from his home in the Philippines. Judah also serves the national DAWN partnership and lead "You Are Special Ministries" in that nation. To contact Judah please click here.


South Asia - Ronald Gier leads his regional team from his home in New Delhi, India. National leaders from India and the surrounding nations gather annually in November. Ronald aims to mobilize 100 church planting networks in the region. To contact Ronald please click here.


North-East Asia - Jason Ma leads the regional team from his home in South Korea. Pacific Rim regional team leaders will meet in Japan in November 2015. To contact Jason please click here.

Arab World / Central Asia Cluster facilitator is SN.

To contact SN please click here.

photo not released for security reasons

Africa Cluster facilitator is Boureima Diallo - to contact click here.

West Africa - Boureima Diallo leads this regional team from his home in Burkina Faso.Boureima also leads and assists with . To contact Boureima please click here.


East Africa - Aila Tasse leads this regional team impacting eleven nations from his home in Kenya. Aila also leads To contact Aila please click here.


Nigeria - Mike Adegbile leads this team from his home in Jos, NigeriaMike also leads the Nigeria Evangelical Mission Association. To contact Mike please click here.


Central Africa - Thomas Magadji leads this French language regional team from his home in CameroonThomas also coordinates the Joint Christian Ministry in West AfricaTo contact Thomas please click here.

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South Africa - Karl Teichert leads this regional team from his home in Johannesburg. Karl serves as Area Director for and leads which will gather national leaders in the region 27-29 October 2015: details here. To contact Karl please click here.


Islands - Dinah Ratsimbajaona serves his team from his home in South AfricaHe also leads To contact Dinah please click here.

Eurasia Cluster facilitator is Tim Reith - to contact click here.

Western Europe - Øivind Augland leads this regional team from his home in Norway. His team will gather national church planting process leaders from 15 nations September 2015 in a peer learning community. Øivind also leads m4europe.comtraining ministry. To contact Oivind please click here.


Eastern Europe - Gavi Moldovan leads this regional team from his home in Romania where he will gather Eastern European church planting leaders April 2016Gavi founded and led Partners in Mission for 16 years. To contact Gavi please click here.


Russia - (to be determined)


Latin America Cluster facilitator is Alberto Morales - to contact click here.

Latin America - Alberto Morales is developing regional teams from his home in Ecuador. He is also associated with Multiplication Network. To contact Alberto please click here.

"The West"

Cluster facilitator is Murray Moerman - to contact click here.

Oceania - Bill Hodgson leads his regional team from his home in southeast Australia.He also serves as Regional Director with www.cru.orgTo contact Bill please click here.


North America - Jeff Sundell leads his team from his home in North Carolina. Jeff's team and network focus on T4T training and practice. He also serves as regional leader with To contact Jeff please click here.

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